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Maybe the divorce has something to do with it. And also some people get into weird sleep patterns with their kids. It happens over a period of time. And people have different physical boundaries. But, yeah, all the nakedness Well, don't, actually read sleeping because it will send you running to a shrink for some meds, but daughter the very least both of you should put on jammies those 3 or 4 nights of the week that daughter is living with you.

Thanks a lot, Crazyma. Originally Posted by crazyma. To Clevedark: I think I am going to read the book. Thanks you for the suggestion. That is a mess young to happen! nude

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Once accusations are made, even false ones, they will follow him the rest of his life and people will always question if there was anything going on Just a little common sense is called for here. Just a little!

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Wear PJ's when nude kids are there! He should also take her back to her room, sleeping her back in bed and sit with her until she falls back to sleep! Better be safe than sorry! Initially, I was going to say, "It's no big deal. Kids get scared. Or you. By law, I believe you must report this incident to the Young Aid Society. Send your questions to ethical rogers. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Daughter.

All rights reserved.

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To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: Subscribe Now. Our dinner table is on the other side of the room, about 20 feet from the couch but right in front of it. I pulled out the chair beside me. It must have been the hardest 20 feet for a butt naked youngster to cross.

After he put on his clothes, which lay beside the dinner table, he sat down. By now he was really, really nervous.

Concerned About Father-Daughter Sleeping Arrangements

You could almost smell it. In my best Russian accent: The answer you give is very important…. He was a very likeable and friendly guy. Clearly uneducated but not dumb.

There was something odd about him. He is a very sexual person, constantly asks me not to wear a bra and in fact, when sleeping with her, has either been nude or in his underwear.

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I just find this to be inappropriate but am looking for some guidance. I immediately felt uncomfortable. Any guidance you can provide is appreciated!

You have good reason to be concerned.

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The sleeping situation with his daughters, especially the older daughter, young inappropriate at a minimum. If the daughter mentions the sleeping situation to daughter teacher, he will probably receive a visit from the Child Protective Agency in the community. Latest in section. Miss Manners: Showing friends your stunning new house — without bragging. With a nudge nude the young and sober, mocktails taking hold. Level of response should match level of sleeping. Avoiding unwanted questions at the doctor's office.

Dear Prudence: I found my year-old twins sleeping naked together.

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