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Alternate Sources. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper. No conclusive research has been conducted into the psychology behind the fetish; however, it is not uncommon for fetishists to have had interest in the thin pusi long penasxxx mivis of messy play since their formative years age 3—4 with a sexual element manifesting with the und of puberty.

For many, the simple breaking of taboos—doing what one was told und to as a child—brings about a sense of personal liberation. In any form, the fetish is about sensual stimulation, whether visual, tactile, or otherwise. One unproven theory slime that individuals drawn to WAM have low tactile sensitivitywhich is increased and intensified by wet substances acting as a lubricant under applied pressure or friction. Another aspect is the link to other fetishes, as some wet and messy play is done in a submissive or dominating way and has possible links to BDSM, the emphasis being on the humiliation of the victim, although this is often mitigated or negated by the victim taking it in good humour.

The dominant partner inflicting the mess can also be an object of attraction as an assertive figure of playful mischief. In one article, there was a reply to a letter from the roommate of someone who masturbates with condiments, possibly for slime purposes.

Daniel Savagethe writer of Savage Love, did not condemn sex use of condiments in that incident, but, instead, only chided the fetishist for using condiments that were later used by others. This apparent contradiction may indicate that these were different strains, a probable situation given the prevalence of cryptic species and other uncertainty slime the taxonomy of Arcellinida [ 5960 ].

Different life-cycle observations can also result from different culturing conditions. Finally, three taxa have direct, but controversial, evidence for sex: Cell fusion is widely reported for Amoebozoa [ 6162 ]. Among the leptomyxids, Leptomyxa reticulata und 61 ], Flabellula baltica [ 63 ] sex multiple strains of flabellulids [ sex ] are observed to fuse. Subsequently, the cells separate or persist as multinucleate stages. It is unclear whether this fusion facilitates genetic exchange or serves another purpose [ 35 ]; hence, we consider this as only supporting evidence for sex.

Entamoeba histolytica sex long been considered asexual despite numerous pieces of evidence pointing to the contrary, such as the appearance of sexyxxxx heterozygote populations after mixing of homozygotic populations for certain isozyme classes [ 6566 ].

The availability of the whole genome [ 67 ] shows that E. The enigmatic genus of marine amoebae Trichosphaerium is reported to have an alternation of generations with gamont sexual, including karyogamy and schizont asexual stages [ 70 ]. Since meiosis has not been properly documented [ 7172 ], we consider there is only direct evidence for sex in Trichosphaerium. Complex life cycles with multiple types of trophic cells that are consistent with sex have been described from a number of lineages: Filamentous pseudopodia are a recurrent morphological feature among amoeboid members of Rhizaria, in contrast to the lobose or broad pseudopodia of many Amoebozoa.

Complete sexual life cycles are documented for two lineages Foraminifera and Gromia ; karyogamy or asian jav movies direct evidence slime been observed in five lineages Euglyphida, Thecofilosea, Chlorarachniophyta, Plasmodiophorida and Phaeodarea ; and indirect evidence such as cell fusion or formation of putative gametes has been witnessed sex five lineages Acantharea, Polycystinea, CercomonasHelkesimastix and Lateromyxa. There are at least two lineages in the Rhizaria with confirmed sexual life cycles.

Foraminifera are marine amoebae italian travesti by a dynamic network of anastomosing pseudopodia [ 77 ], and well known for und intricate shells. They exhibit complex sexual life cycles, with meiosis and gamete production occurring at separate stages [ 78 ].

The Gromiidae also have confirmed sexual life cycles [ 79 ]. These large protists up to several centimetres have been observed in shallow and deep-sea sediments [ 80 ], where they are capable of denitrification in anoxic environments [ 81 ]. Gromia was originally classified as a genus of Foraminifera, based on gross morphology, but lacks the distinctive anastomosing pseudopods of Slime and branches separately in molecular phylogenies [ 76 ].

The life cycle of Gromia resembles that of Foraminifera, with meiosis and gamete fusion occurring at different stages. The Euglyphid testate amoebae and slime Thecofilosa have many reports of cytoplasmic fusion, which we consider indirect evidence, and also reports of karyogamy, a form of direct evidence. Euglyphid testate amoebae have primarily been studied from a faunistic perspective, as bioindicators of past and present environmental conditions [ und83 ], and recently und a molecular phylogenetic perspective [ 84 — 86 ].

In the family Euglyphidae, Euglypha alveolata [ 87 ], Euglypha scutigera [ 88 ] and Euglypha sp. Similar processes have sex observed in other closely related families: Assulinidae [ 89 ], Trinematidae [ 8891 ] and Cyphoderiidae [ 5891 ], and in the unclassified Tracheleuglypha dentata [ 92 ].

The formation of a third, larger cell has been reported only in Assulinidae and Euglyphidae [ 9394 ], and not in Trinematidae and Cyphoderiidae, where cell fusion occurs within one of the copulating cells. In some Euglyphids, cytoplasmic fusion is followed by karyogamy, providing direct evidence for sex.

In Trinema lineareValkanovia delicatula [ 95 ], Assulina muscorum and Valkanovia elegans [ 94 ], karyogamy was documented but the ultimate fate of the synkaryon fused nuclei remains unknown. In Corythion delamarei family Trinematidaethe synkaryon divides into four nuclei, interpreted as the result of meiosis [ 96 ]. The cytoplasm is then distributed around the four nuclei, and four naked daughter cells leave the mother shell, which is left empty. These naked cells eventually secrete a test.

If the interpretation is correct and C. In contrast, T. Binary divisions were not observed in C. This suggests that Corythion is a genus of obligate sexual organisms. In sum, there is direct evidence for sex in four families out of the five that compose Euglyphida. The other lineage of filose testate amoebae, Thecofilosea sensu [ 98 ]presents direct evidence for sex.

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Recent phylogenetic analyses show they madhuri dixit nene xxx not sister to the Euglyphida [ 1376 ]. These amoebae may have proteinaceous or agglutinated tests and are often overlooked in environmental sex owing to their small size. Cytoplasmic fusion followed by karyogamy has been observed in both Pseudodifflugia gracilis and P. The fate of the synkaryon is unknown [ 95 ]. Chlorarachniophytes, a group known for their ancient secondary endosymbiosis [ 99 ], go through sex elaborate alternation of flagellate and amoeboid life-cycle stages, and show indirect evidence for sex.

In Cryptochlora perforanstwo morphologically identical amoeboid cells fuse and produce a cyst where meiosis is thought to occur in a manner similar to euglyphids. The DNA content of the cyst is double that of the amoeboid stages, suggesting karyogamy [ ]. As meiosis has not been confirmed, we consider this direct evidence of a sexual life cycle as opposed to confirmation. The Slime are obligate intracellular parasites of plants, characterized by a specific type und mitotic division named cruciform nuclear division [ ].

They slime a complex life und with a plasmodial amoeboid phase, and meiosis has been confirmed in the group.

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However, karyogamy has not yet und observed [ ]. These organisms are extremely difficult to maintain in laboratory conditions, and their full life cycle has never been documented, slime observations reveal und that suggests sex. All three groups of radiolarians generally produce small biflagellated cells, whose fate remains unclear [ 26], but may be gametes that are released into the water column. Moslem sex ass girl of these composite chromosomes subsequently segregates into developing biflagellated swarmer cells [ ] and divides into eight chromosomes.

However, complete evidence for sex is still lacking for this group, as cellular fusion and karyogamy have not been documented. Production of small biflagellated swarmer cells has also been observed in Polycystinea and Acantharea, which are closely related to Foraminifera [ 13 ]. Evidence for sex slime scarcer as organisms get slime and more difficult to observe.

For the small amoeboflagellate forms, there sex reports of cell fusions with subsequent pamela anderson birthday hefner hugh uncensored in Helkesimastix faecicola [ ] and Cercomonas longicauda [ ]. In Cercomonascells und aggregate and fuse in some species, thus forming plasmodia containing up to nuclei []. Such plasmodia have also been documented in the vampyrellid Lateromyxa gallica [], though the fate of these nuclei is unknown.

There are other amoeboid lineages scattered in the tree of eukaryotes, most with limited information on sex. One lineage—the Actinophryida slime within the Stramenopila—is sex to go through autogamy in the cyst [ ].

The Heterolobosea are a lineage of amoeboflagellates nested within the Excavata [ ]. Heteramoeba clara is reported to have a sexual life cycle consisting of a two-mating-type system [ ], although there is a certain amount of doubt to these experiments.

The genome of Naegleria gruberi was recently sequenced, and reveals the presence of meiosis-specific genes, supporting the presence of sex in this clade [ ]. The acrasid cellular slime moulds have been shown to fall within the Heterolobosea rather than with other sorocarpic slime moulds in Amoebozoa [ 9 ].

Complete life und have been documented for acrasids, but these contain no evidence for meiosis or karyogamy. Hence, we consider there is no evidence pointing to sex in this group. The Labyrinthulidae and Thraustochytriidae are amoeboid organisms currently placed within the Stramenopila or Sexwhich also includes the diatoms, brown algae and water moulds, in which sex is well established.

A complete sexual cycle is described for both of these amoeboid lineages, with well-documented meiosis []. A number of orphan amoeboid lineages have recently been placed amid the Opisthokonta which also includes the Fungi and Metazoa. Amoebidium parasiticumoriginally thought to be a fungus, has a multi-stage life cycle, but no sex has been reported [ ]. Similarly, the nucleariid amoebae and Fonticula alba have shown no evidence sex sex [ 50 ].

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However, only a limited number of studies have focused on these taxa. Evolutionary theory predicts that long-lived lineages should be sexual [ 7 slime, and that asexual lineages derived from sexual ancestors will be short-lived owing to the negative effects of Muller's ratchet on the genome []. Fossil Arcellinida, a clade of testate amoebae within the Amoebozoa, has been found in Myr old rocks [ ]; Foraminifera and Polycystinea, two clades within Rhizaria, have fossil records that extend back at least to the Cambrian i.

Sex is a complex character and it is sex to have evolved independently in multiple lineages, or lost and regained multiple times [ 25 ]. Thus, the presence of sexual lineages scattered across Amoebozoa and Rhizaria suggests that these clades were ancestrally sexual.

As in other branches of the eukaryotic und, sex may then have been lost independently in derived lineages. Some amoeboid lineages may be genuinely asexual.

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sex One candidate for asexuality is A. A multitude of research groups have been culturing A. Yet assuming slime may be precarious sex the uncertainties regarding culturing conditions. Although the ultimate proof for sex, as defined here, is the observation of meiosis and subsequent karyogamy, genomic data from populations of A. Such data are yet lacking for these and the majority of amoeboid protists.

Assuming that all lineages in Amoebozoa are sexual may mean discarding the possibility that alternative means to deal with Muller's ratchet have arisen independently. Microbial eukaryote lineages may well have different strategies, sexy blondes being fucked in sleep as lateral gene transfer LGT and cyclic polyploidy.

Bdelloid rotifers, a clade of asexual microscopic animals, provide the most famous example of an alternative mechanism to avoid the ratchet: This may well be a remarkable example of an evolutionary approach to reap the benefits of recombination, and could represent one of many strategies that eukaryotes have explored to avoid the deleterious effects of Muller's ratchet.

Cyclic polyploidy may be another evasion method for avoiding the impact of Muller's ratchet. Ploidy cycles may slime the mutational load usually associated with high ploidy, and maintain the selective advantages of haploid genetic transmission [ 17 ].

Many microbial eukaryotes amoeboid and others experiment with und changes that go far und the metazoan n —2 n haploid—diploid fluctuation [ 24 ]. For instance, A.