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Next time we met in the laundry room, she was in thongs! Her ass was so nice and round and just jiggled so nicely. It was the perfect example of a big bubble butt. I stared at her ass for longer than I should have, my penis growing in my pants. I could tell that this busty beauty just wanted to get a little dirty and was in need of a big cock to suck and fuck.

The sexy babe was on her knees putting a load of laundry in the washing machine. At that moment I thought about touching it, squeezing it, jiggling her ass cheeks.

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She was a bit upset at first, and I felt kinda judged by her, but soon she started asking me about it, wanting to know how I felt sniffing her panties and if it turned me on.

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I could tell she was getting machine it and she told me she wanted to help me indulge my fantasies! She started playing with her beautiful pussy, sliding her fingers down washing women caught naked in bed slit and showing me how wet she was.

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She sure looks happy to see Steve, and not necessarily because he is going to fix the washing machine. Steve naked to work on the machine when he hears the teen washing him a happy birthday and letting him know she has a very special gift for him.

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Most naked guys I know hate hanging out at the laundry while waiting for their clothes to wash and dry, but I just love it. Here I get to meet the most interesting people, and some pretty hot girls! Since most of the people just leave their clothes washing and drying and come back for them later, she thought she was alone, and when she saw me, she figured out I was going to tell on her.

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