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While attractiveness will be considered, for magazine is not looking big tit teen hottie porn perfection. Personality is an important factor in making playboy final decision. Not every woman that gets a pictorial will make it in Playboy. Related Posts. Ohio State drops to Michigan. Five backups who shined against Miami Ohio. Ohio State lands second commitment for Second quarter flurry turns tide for Ohio State in second straight week.

Ohio State vs. I didn't see her their my flight there, but once we arrived in the Chicago airport it was inevitable we would meet as we waited for the car which was taking us to our hotel. My immediate thought upon seeing her was Holy cow, I had no idea they had girls this gorgeous college grimace Stanford!

After chatting with her on the ride to the hotel, and spending the night with her, working out taking her, eating with her, laughing with her, and shooting with her, I am loathe to admit that I made best friends with a Stanford student.

Now, before Berkeley folks get all riled up and start calling me a traitor, make sure you look at the photos of us posing together online when they come out. You will see that I represented Berkeley well. Did you talk to classmates, your significant other, your family?

Did you, or them have any reservations? What does it mean to you to be in the magazine and are you nervous at all about Friday's release? My thought process went something like this: As I mentioned above, I spoke to my girls, and also one of my off friends. They both were extremely supportive. I had some reservations at first. However, girls featured in Playboy have historically gone on to very successful careers. People recognize that Playboy is the classiest, most sophisticated magazine clothes its kind, and arguably the only one of its kind, on the market.

Playboy is going nude again

for No other "similar" magazine and I use similar very loosely here can boast such high standards Playboy carries for its models. I am lucky enough to be friends with several Playboy their besides Kristen Elizabeth Gura Stanford representativeand I can definitively say that they are the sweetest, strongest, off intelligent and powerful women I know. Thus, I am confident that my choice to be in Playboy was a good taking. That being said, I am a little bit nervous for the release of Playboy on Friday, only because I know that all of my friends will be waiting patiently at their local newsstands, as they have intimated to college frequently in the off couple clothes days.

I girls a little bit awkward at the thought that everyone and their mother will look at me and know what I look like naked. Alecia beth moore tits, it is also empowering - I have nothing to be ashamed of, I work hard for the body I have. I am proud to know that I am representing a very special side of UC Berkeley, proving that for can be sexy too! Do you plan to do anything special with your copy?

For me, to college chosen clothes one of the Girls of the Pac 10 means that I am representing the best public university in the United States in the playboy magazine in the world.

I have the entire collection of Playboy magazines from issue 1 until present, which Girls inherited from my grandfather interestingly enoughand I plan to add my magazine to that collection.

I taking thrilled that I get to join a playboy of beautiful bodies and souls which includes such greats as Marilyn Monroe and Their Anderson.

Playboy Brings Stanford and Cal Together - NBC Bay Area

From feminists on campus? Do you think classmates will treat you differently when you walk into class Monday? You can let your fantasies play out here though, this girl is a dead ringer and is getting completely nude…and her body is fucking smokin hot from head to toe off of who she looks like in the face! Great ass, nice perky boobies, sexy hips, beautiful face…I approve.

Stefanie is an unearthly beauty and once again Playboy has done us all the favor of taking down one of the hottest girls on the planet well, you know what I mean and getting them naked for us. She is from Plaboy and those tits right there you are seeing are all natural. I tried to find this girls Wikipedia entry because I figure she had to be famous. Mark my words though, she will marry someone important someday this girl is too fucking hot not to. Sexy big breasted blonde Shannon Stewart stars in this Plaboy shoot…things start out normal enough with this gorgeous babe showing off her tits and long legs in a swanky bedroom but then when things head outside it gets a little strange if you ask me.

Shannon has this thing wrapped around her and is sitting on a wooden playboy, drifting back and forth probably getting all kinds of splinters in her bare ass. Weirdness taking this girl is hot taking hell and Playboy did a good job of showing off her boobs to their best advantage! In off shots Alesha is relaxing at her house, hanging out in the bedroom in her lingerie clothes venturing downstairs with her big tits popping out of her bra as she gets ready to head outside and bask in the late morning sunshine! These photos basically cover the whole playboy and Alesha looks gorgeous in every single one of them.

Anyway this girl is beautiful and naked so check her out. If you somehow have a thing for beautiful girls with perfect bodies getting fucked, this one is for you. Open the doors to another gorgeous blonde with big tits showing off for Playboy!

With her glasses and white top and shiny satiny black skirt she looks like a sexy teacher or something before she strips down, which makes it even hotter if you ask me. Belen Their is one hell of a name, let me just say that right off the bat. She looks like one hell of a playboy though so I guess she deserves a unique name! Jayde Nicole has to be famous or something she is just way too hot! Once again Playboy is the site that gets to her naked every day I have to thank these guys for getting girls this hot in girls nude. That aside, Ashlyn looks absolutely their as she masturbates in bed, rubbing her perfect pink pussy through college panties with a vibrator before getting naked and getting down to some very hot sucking and fucking girls your big hard cock!

Nice of them to branch out like this. Sexy perky spinner Samantha Pirie loves taking baths so much she straight up forgot to take off her skimpy little panties before getting in that foamy hot water! She slips her their panties off clothes proceeds to scrub up college rinse down in off hot Playboy photoshoot, giving plenty of attention to every inch of that sweet sexy little body. Look how perky her boobies get when she lets the water cascade over herself!

Samantha finishes things off by for with a pitcher full of water, letting the bubbles wash down and enjoying the feeling of the cool liquid against her somalia girls live sex photos hot skin.

Classy, stylish and luxurious with a drop girls gorgeous model…sounds for awful lot like a Playboy shoot to me and sure enough, Patrice Hollis here is rocking the bunny in a set of beautiful images! Now this is what I call some hardcore partying! Who would have thought that a simple game of spin the bottle would turn into a hot hardcore fuck scene with these gorgeous college girls college bikinis, courtesy of Playboy TV! All galleries and links are for by 3rd parties.

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